Losermail POAP for Early Subscribers

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2 min readMay 25, 2022

Early subscribers to Losermail are eligble to claim a free POAP! POAPs are collectible proof of attendance NFTs that cost no gas to mint. If you’re eligible, you will have received an email on 25th May with a unique claim code.

Step 1: Download the POAP App

Download the POAP app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2: Paste Your Wallet Address

The app needs to know where to send your POAPs.

Please note: for extra security we strongly recommend creating a new, dedicated wallet for use with POAPs.

Step 3: Enter Your 6 Digit Code

Enter the unique code you were sent by email on 25th May.

Your code is valid until 25th June. It can only be used once, so don’t share it if you plan to claim your POAP!

Step 4: You’ll Shortly Receive Your POAP.

Your first Loser Club POAP will soon arrive in the “My Collection” section of the POAP app.

Remember, there is no gas for this transfer when using the POAP app.

Step 5: Keep Your Eyes Peeled!

POAPs are set to play an important role in the Loser Club ecosystem, so make sure to collect any that you see in the future!

Not a Losermail subscriber?

Why not?! A lot of people don’t hang out on Discord or Twitter all of the time and we wanted to introduce a way to connect the wider world to our project in an easy-to-digest format. We’ll be including behind-the-scenes alpha and a community corner showcasing some of the hottest Loser Club talent around, plus general updates on what the team are up to!

You can signup here: https://loserclub.eo.page/y7yds



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