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Loser Club
3 min readFeb 24, 2022

Starting March 4th, 2022

Hey Losers! We’re excited for you to meet your fellow Loser’s and so for those not in the Discord, we have outlined below all details for our upcoming launch.

Launch Date: March 4th, 2022 4.00PM EST / 9.00PM UTC
Supply: 10,000
Mint Price: 0.088 ETH + Gas


‘Loser List’ Pre-sale: Starts Friday, March 4th, 2022 4.00PM EST / 9.00PM UTC
Public Sale: Starts Saturday, March 5th, 2022 4.00PM EST / 9.00PM UTC
Reveal party on Twitter Spaces: 7th March, Time TBD


  • The mint will take place on a subdomain of loserclub.io, which will be announced just before we go live.
  • (We also own loserclub.wtf).
  • The only official links to the mint site will be published in ‘official-links’ in the Discord and through our official twitter account (https://www.twitter.com/loserclubreborn) just prior to launch.
  • ⛔ We will not stealth launch.
  • ⛔ We will not DM anyone or you with early mint access information or links. Please report suspected scam sites you see.
  • ⛔ We will not use ANY other domain name or extension. Please report suspected scam sites you see.

Loser List Allocation

Being on the Loser List grants you access to the Loser Club presale. These spots have been allocated through external giveaways, and giveaways to community members within the Discord.

  • There 3975 wallets registered for the Loser List.
  • During pre-sale each wallet will be able to mint a maximum of 2 Loser’s. This will leave a minimum of 2050 NFT’s mintable during public sale (less our Dev Mint).
  • Your wallet address must be on the Pre-Sale Loser List to be able to mint during the pre-sale. You can check the public list in this Google Sheet.

Other Info


We want to make sure that we offer everyone the best chance to mint. As such, max transaction and max per wallet amounts will therefore be set as follows:

Max Per Transaction: 2 during ‘Loser List’ Pre-sale & 5 during Public.

Max Per Wallet: 2 during ‘Loser List’ Pre-sale & 5 during Public — (this includes any minted during presale).

Dev Mint

200 Losers are reserved for the dev mint.

53 will be distributed to the team (2 for each person, 5 for J’Von).

147 will be held in the community wallet for future giveaways.


We have done our best to gas optimise the contract so that we all experience paying as little gas as possible. We are also using the new ERC-721A token to help with this experience.

Minting Issue Fixes

Update 03/05/22 13:35 UTC

Trust Wallet

Some users have been unable to mint using Trust Wallet.

We have identified a solution which requires you to create a MetaMask wallet and then import your Trust wallet into it using wallet’s *private key* (*never ever share your private key or seed phrase with anyone*).

We do not want anyone hoping to mint on the launch of public sale to miss out because of this.

Simply grab your private key in Trust Wallet and then once MetaMask is installed, open it and select the ‘Import Account’ option to import your wallet, and use MetaMask to mint.

Multiple Wallets Conflicting

Some have had issues when trying to mint because they have both the MetaMask and Coinbase browser extensions active in Chrome or Firefox.

We have found that disabling the wallet extension that you are not going to be using whilst trying to mint overcomes this issue.

Here is how:

  • In Chrome, go to ‘Settings’ (three dots in top right) and then scroll down to ‘More Tools’ and select ‘Extensions’.
  • In Firefox, got to the menu (hamburger menu icon in top right), and select ‘Add-ons and themes’
  • Deactivate the extension you do not need, by toggling it off.
  • We would then recommend restarting your browser.

Thank you to everyone for being a part of this journey and supporting @itsjvon and Loser Club, we can’t wait to have you all join the club!



Loser Club

Loser Club is all about community. Creating a hub for all Losers to commune and create together in the NFT space.