Loser Club at NFT NYC: Where The World is Traded, This is a Showcase of The Incubated

Loser Club
4 min readJun 18, 2022

When an NFT project places community at its core, the people become the brand, and the brand, a platform inherently serving its community.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Loser Club, the NFT project — whose lead artist is J’Von Buckley, aka Catman, alongside co-founders Maryam Taguri and James Lawler — launched in early March 2022, after building a first-of-its-kind organic, highly engaged, authentic community.

Read the original launch article here: NFT Community — It’s Time We Stopped Undervaluing The Artists: The Rise of Loser Club.

Built on an ethos of fundamental support for other artists; be it drawing, painting, musical, written, digital or physical, Losers have fostered a strong cultural movement in the NFT space.

The Year of The Underdog

The time has come for the underdogs to show the world what we’ve got at this year’s NFT NYC conference.

Loser Club has built one of the strongest, most united Web3 communities in the NFT space, and next week a statement of intent will be made.

After months of event planning, secret conversations, and roadmap development, the Loser Club ‘One World’ initiative will be revealed at NFT NYC to an audience of community members, artists, and high-profile individuals, both of Wall Street and the Web3 space.

Held across two days, Loser Club will be hosting two high profile events:

  • Loser Club x Elsewhere
    Elsewhere Rooftop, Brooklyn
    June 20, 2022 – 4pm-10pm
  • Loser Club x Silver Art Projects
    28th Floor, 4 World Trade Center
    June 22, 2022 – 7pm-11pm
    Did we mention some of it will be live streamed? Stay tuned!

Loser Club x Elsewhere

First up, Loser Club will be taking over the Rooftop at Elsewhere in Brooklyn from 4pm-10pm on June 20, 2022.

Elsewhere is a creative, multi-level and multifaceted venue, found in an old warehouse on Johnson Ave in Bushwick, Brooklyn. With immaculate vibes and great views of the city, the Rooftop at Elsewhere was a no brainer for the first Loser event.

As a venue, Elsewhere has a history of hosting some of the world’s best emerging talent, both musically and artistically. With Loser Club’s own ambitions to provide a platform to help elevate and showcase the artists within, to create a hub for all losers to commune and conceive together, it’s a match made in heaven.

Incubated from within the Loser Club community, the event will be headlined by the community’s very own Outsider Collective.

The Outsider Collective are the creators of the Loser Mixtape. A remote, digital, collaborative effort to bring together those passionate about all aspects of music — a passion shared by J’Von — to create a culturally relevant mixtape, whose tracks were written, produced, curated and then voted upon by the Loser community. This will be their first live performance together; Exclusively for Losers, by Losers.

Loser Club x Silver Art Projects

Next up, on June 22, 2022, Loser Club will make history as the first Web3 project to be showcased at The World Trade Center, partnering alongside the Silver Art Projects.

The Silver Art Projects was founded in 2018 by Cory Silverstein and Joshua Pulman with the generous support of Silverstein Properties. Founded in response to existing models of art patronage that perpetuate a culture of inequality in which artists not represented by large galleries enter a cycle of disadvantage and lack of business support, Silver Art Projects help artists build strong thriving practices while also contributing to the creative energy of Lower Manhattan.

Perfectly aligned in their values, both projects support the underdog.

On the 28th floor of WTC 4, with 360 degree views over Manhattan, Loser Club will be hosted in a space dedicated to art, showcased alongside million dollar art pieces from some of the world’s most interesting and aspiring artists. This is the perfect space to host an amalgamation of real world and digital art, and artists.

Appropriately coined by the Loser community as ‘Loser Remixes’, Loser Club has inspired budding digital artists to pick up their pens and begin drawing again. In true Loser style, a number of art pieces created by the community members will be showcased as part of the event.

On their journey to inspire, Loser Club will also be proudly accompanied by a selection of the existing Silver Art Projects cohort, Vicente Ortiz Cortez, Jared Owens, Xin Liu and Tariku Shiferaw, who will be showcasing their own special edition digital and physical interpretations of Loser Remixes as part of the event.

See You in NYC 🗽

There is no doubt Web3 is here to stay and the importance of grasping brand and community building in the new digital landscape is more relevant than ever. Nothing supports this more than a dedicated week-long conference in New York.

Loser Club aims to ignite a creative spark and foster opportunity within a whole society of Losers, whether they are holders of the NFT or not.

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Loser Club

Loser Club is all about community. Creating a hub for all Losers to commune and create together in the NFT space.