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5 min readJul 1, 2022

How Loser Club changed the NFT NYC experience

Anticipation, Intrigue, Opportunity. Almost as soon as it came, it went (until next time), but what it means to be a Loser has evolved into something much greater.

Loser Club has always been a place for Losers to commune and create together. NFT NYC was our opportunity to put our community in the spotlight.

Across NYC Losers showed up in numbers to support other projects. Cooltopia, Deadfellaz, Zoratopia, Women from Venus, even a Yankees game. We made our presence felt. Clon even rugby tackled J’Von on first site at Cooltopia. Never Cool, Never Alone. We showed up for everyone who needed us!

A short walk through Manhattan or Brooklyn and you would have seen Losers plastered all over the city. A huge thanks goes to Talia and Milly for arranging one of the largest sticker collections of Losers we’ve ever seen. Losers didn’t disappoint and tagged every sign, sidewalk and subway.

So popular were the stickers that they became IRL trading currency; a race to collect as many as possible. As a result, on the morning of the 22nd I met with [Insert notable brand here] and a new idea was born …stay tuned 👀

Where Else? Elsewhere

We kicked off our tour of NYC with a rooftop party at Elsewhere, Brooklyn. Uninterrupted views toward Manhattan (our next stop) were backed by a pink sunset as impeccable as the vibes and the music reverberating out over the rooftops.

Incubated from within the Loser Club community the event was headlined by The Outsider Collective, accompanied by a special guest performance from fellow loser, Hermez. They did not disappoint and it was amazing to see the whole singing along to each and every word as the group performed together live for the very first time.

Nowhere and everywhere, the Outsider sounds of Elsewhere will continue to live on the air.

To Where The World is Traded

On the 22nd we moved to The World Trade Center. Under the bright studio lights, with views across Manhattan, it was the turn of our community artists to intersect the “real world”, in a space dedicated to the artists of the Silverstein backed, Silver Art Projects (The family behind Silverstein Properties — the developers of the rebuilt World Trade Center and multiple other major residential and commercial property projects throughout New York).

I’m going to repeat that sentence, but slightly differently…

Loser Club, hosted an art event, at The World Trade Center (a first for Web3), alongside globally renowned artists, in a space created by The Silverstein’s for incubating artists, known as the ‘Silver Art Projects’.

Maybe one more time…

Betty Agrees

On the night, Losers from all over the world showed up to show their support, as we showcased and displayed art from the community, aptly coined “Loser Remixes”.

In addition, we collaborated with four of the artists from the outgoing cohort to see and hear about their interpretations of Losers.

Their interpretations will be minted as part of the Loser Club honorary collection and the NFT will be gifted straight back to each artist — We will be publishing more about each remix and the stories behind each one in their own articles soon. In addition, as a thank you from us, we also gifted each of the four artists to a Loser from the main collection.

Xin Liu:

SAP artist Xin Liu’s take on Loser Remix features the weather satellite images received through a customized antenna installed in Hong Kong on June 22, 2022. Her NFT series “Atlas” are the first NFTs generated in space. It turns unique moments of the Earth into unique artworks and will be soon released for the entire year of 2022.

Jared Owens:

Jared’s own story is incredible (one we will tell), and his Loser was inspired by the 1971 Attica Prison riots in which the prisoners donned protective gear and prisoners revolted to seek better living conditions and political rights, in their words, to be treated like men and not beasts.

Vicente Ortiz Cortez:

‘Twenty Eighty-Four’ — Named after George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, and inspired by surrealists Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dali, this body of work explores indigenous mythologies to create contemporary narratives at the intersection of identity and climate change.

Tariku Shiferaw:

Tariku Shiferaw is a New York based artist who explores mark-making addressing the physical and metaphysical spaces of painting and social structures.

This isn’t the end of our work with the cohort, Silver Art Projects and Cory. Plans are afoot for solidifying our partnership, future initiatives and events.

To add to what was already an amazing night, Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets, a Loser since the early days, who has been known to drop into Loser Spaces on Twitter, took the time to hang out and meet with members and artists alike.

As a brand, it’s humbling and a privilege to continue to attract interest simply because of what Losers stand for.

It wouldn’t have been right to end the night any other way than an in-person draw sesh with J’Von, live streamed on Twitch for those who couldn’t be there to feel a piece of the energy in the room; Only now, ideas came from within the room as J’Von moved around and hung out with the community in person.

In honour of the man himself, J’Von drew an honorary loser for Cory Silverstein which will be minted to our honorary collection and gifted straight back to him. Cory tells us he likes Pizza — I’d have to agree!

Looking to Future L’s

Losers really do it differently. It was an honour to host and be part of an event where it was like meeting your long lost family across two events full of genuine, authentic smiles, hugs, love and mutual appreciation of one another.

WenLetterman’s!? …Soon.

The market might be bearish, but statements were made by all projects at NFT NYC and it was proof that there is still huge untapped potential within Web3. Now is the perfect time for us to consolidate and construct, and the Losers will be primed when the bulls return.

We continue on with our One World initiative — more to come on that very soon (it gets its own article). Which includes building some of the most powerful, complimentary partnerships in the world, for the benefit of all that hold Losers, and those that yet don’t. Never has it been a better time to be a Loser.

“Blue Chip” aside, we stand firm in the belief Loser Club has established itself as the Community Chip NFT. NYC was our first statement of intent.




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